Cryotherapy for Athletes

Athletes and physiotherapists across the globe are continually looking for innovative solutions to improve recovery time, reduce fatigue, and boost energy. Cryotherapy is quickly becoming one of the most prominent and game changing new approaches in the sports recovery industry. Sports teams from within the NFL, individual athletes from the NBA, and even international soccer teams from Europe and the Middle East are all taking advantage of cryotherapy to help boost player performance and speed up recovery. At °CRYO Science we take cryotherapy for athletes seriously and have engineered our devices °CRYO Glacier Performance and °CRYO Arctic Performance and °CRYO Penguin Performance to be the perfect solution for gyms and sports clubs. These devices can efficiently help athletes in post-workout regeneration and boost overall team performance.
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Cryotherapy for muscle recovery

Cryotherapy for athletes is quickly replacing the traditional ice-pack or ice-bath for sports injury and recovery. Applying ultra-cold temperatures for very short periods, typically 2-3 minutes, make cryotherapy recovery more effective and more time efficient than previous treatments. In order for athletes to perform at their best, proper muscle preparation before training and adequate regeneration post training is critical. This is why cryotherapy before or after workout is so important to keep muscles in optimal condition. Cryotherapy benefits for athletes are also noticeable immediately, which is why more and more athletes and physiotherapists are reaching for this method of recovery.

°CRYO Glacier Performance and °CRYO Arctic Performance and °CRYO Penguin Performance give you a chance to enhance your recovery tools portfolio for your gym or sports club. Using cryotherapy gives you and your athletes a competitive edge, while guaranteeing a profitable investment. Muscle recovery – check for more information and discover more cryotherapy benefits!






2500 BC




Japanese doctor, Dr. Yamaguchi, modernized whole body cryotherapy. He used freezing sessions to boost the immune system and treat arthritis.

Widely used across the globe for recovery from sports injuries, combating fatigue, promoting weight loss, helping with anti-aging and general wellbeing

 Cryotherapy for injury

°CRYO Glacier Performance, °CRYO Arctic Performance, and °CRYO Penguin Performance are perfect solutions in utilizing cryotherapy for injury. Athletes who train too hard or did not properly stretch before their workout, run the risk of injury in sport. Cryotherapy helps athletes prevent injury and for those who are already injured, the application of ultra-cold temperatures helps speed up the recovery process and relieve soreness. All of this is fundamental for all athletes in training. Cryotherapy, however, is recommended for all active individuals and the results of its systematic use can prove to be indispensable!

°CRYO Glacier Performance™

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Cryotherapy temperature

°CRYO Glacier Performance and °CRYO Arctic Performance are the best in their class, delivering the most optimal whole-body cryotherapy. Both devices are capable of reaching a temperature as low as -140°/-220°F. This is the optimal temperature required in order to deliver the best possible results for physical recovery. If you want to provide your clients a new and effective recovery treatment, contact us and get more detailed information about our °CRYO Glacier Performance and °CRYO Arctic Performance!