Cryotherapy in your hotel or SPA Center

Ice baths and cold plunge pools have become a standard in the hotel and spa industry over the last decade. However, as customer awareness increases, so does the demand for newer and more innovative treatments. Hotel and spa owners across the globe are forced to look for more ground-breaking devices to outfit their services with in order to differentiate themselves from the competition. Now, cryotherapy is rapidly becoming the most popular in-demand treatment guests are looking for to upgrade their spa experience. Check out more information about our business solutions such as – °CRYO Glacier Performance, °CRYO Arctic Performance and °CRYO Wave Performance.

Cryotherapy in your hotel or SPA Center

Cryotherapy for hotel guests

Hotels & SPA around the world are continually seeking the most premier services to offer their guests. Offering cryotherapy for hotel guests gives you leverage over the competition while overachieving guest expectations with a luxurious spa experience. Cryotherapy can target all customer needs including general health and wellness, physical recovery, and even beauty! Cryotherapy for hotel guests can be universally utilized in every hotel spa, easily complimented with almost every traditional spa treatment. Compliment cryotherapy after a workout in your fitness gym, after a couple of laps in your pool, or even after a facial with your esthetician to boost beauty effects! The devices are easy to use by operators and require little maintenance, delivering you an easy and fast ROI. Choosing °CRYO Glacier  Performance or °CRYO Arctic Performance for your hotel means you choose premium quality treatments for your hotel guests.






2500 BC




Japanese doctor, Dr. Yamaguchi, modernized whole body cryotherapy. He used freezing sessions to boost the immune system and treat arthritis.

Widely used across the globe for recovery from sports injuries, combating fatigue, promoting weight loss, helping with anti-aging and general wellbeing

Cryotherapy for SPA

If your SPA center requires an upgrade, and you are looking for an innovative treatment that compliments your existing service portfolio, consider Cryotherapy for SPA. It has quickly become one of the most in-demand services across the globe supporting whole-body rejuvenation. The ability to deliver so many health and wellness benefits, in only 2-3 minutes, it is a treatment your clients will absolutely love! Your guests can not only experience whole-body relaxation, but total revitalization by trying something completely new! If you already have a spa or wellness center and want to offer your clients an unforgettable experience, consider °CRYO Glacier Performance or °CRYO Arctic Performance – the best choice in cryotherapy.

°CRYO Glacier Performance™

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°CRYO Wave Performance™

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°CRYO Arctic Performance™

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°CRYO Wave Performance

in your hotel or SPA Center

°CRYO Wave Performance is a modern beauty and rejuvenation phenomenon. This innovative device delivers remarkable effects to your spa clients, without the need for invasive procedures with long recovery periods. Thermal Shock treatment is the perfect solution for body contouring and toning, which your hotel & spa guests will love. The process involves applying intervals of heating and cooling periods to targeted areas of body fat and triggering a natural rejuvenation process in deep layers of the skin. Your clients will see effects immediately and this gives you the ability to offer better packages, encouraging repeat clientele! °CRYO Wave Performance is an effective and profitable solution for the spa & wellness industry, guaranteeing a faster ROI with low overhead. Contact us and get further details about our devices!