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We are revolutionizing the beauty industry with easy to use technologies, delivering non-invasive treatments, with visible results! Our technologically advanced devices offer business solutions for beauty studios as well as spa and wellness salons. Your beauty studio has the opportunity to select an assortment of devices utilizing either cryotherapy or thermal shock treatment to help your clients look and feel better. Natural beauty can be achieved in many ways and our mission is to bring those possibilities to your business!

Cryotherapy for Beauty

Technology for beauty

At °CRYO Science, it is important to us that our technologies meet the ever growing needs of the beauty industry. So we set out to engineer devices which are both functional, innovative, and effective. The developing trends in rejuvenation inspired us to focus on delivering treatments which help individuals achieve their dreams of slimming, reducing the signs of aging, all without the need for recovery time or invasive procedures. We utilized the effects of ultra-cold applications, as well as thermal shock to deliver incredible results. Both technologies are backed by science, proven to stimulate a natural rejuvenation process.






2500 BC




Japanese doctor, Dr. Yamaguchi, modernized whole body cryotherapy. He used freezing sessions to boost the immune system and treat arthritis.

Widely used across the globe for recovery from sports injuries, combating fatigue, promoting weight loss, helping with anti-aging and general wellbeing

°CRYO Wave Performance – a perfect solution for your Beauty Studio

The best way to describe °CRYO Wave Performance is – multifunctional. Every protocol is focused on delivering the best results for your clients. Your beauty studio can now offer more services with the help of just one simple to use device!

°CRYO Wave Performance utilizes thermal shock treatment, which is the application of heating and cooling intervals to targeted areas of body fat. This non-invasive application triggers an incredibly effective reduction process. Clients who try thermal shock experience noticeable results that were achieved after only a few treatments. °CRYO protocols consist of:

– Contouring – a program suitable for the areas of excess body fat that are particularly resistant to weight loss. It supports clients looking to achieve a slim figure.

– Toning – a program designed to significantly even out skin tone and improve the skin’s texture, firmness and elasticity.

– Facelift – a program supporting facelifting effects, firming and toning the skin.

– Anti-aging – a program for smoothing out wrinkles.

– Firming – a program designed for areas of the body, which require more attention to help with tightening loose skin.

– Recovery – a program suitable for regeneration and sports recovery after injury.

Possibilities to improve the well-being of your clients are now endless! For further information, check out our website and see how you can change your Beauty Studio for the better!

°CRYO Wave Performance™

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°CRYO Penguin Performance™

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°CRYO Penguin Performance – the most versatile solution for your Beauty Studio

Cryotherapy is not just a complementary treatment, it is actually a proven therapy backed by science to trigger real rejuvenation results. Applying ultra-cold temperatures of -167°C / -269°F to the surface of the skin delivers quick and effective results reducing puffiness and decreasing the size of pores. Temperatures this cold, applied in short intervals even have the capability of triggering a natural rejuvenation process well below the surface layer of the skin. Ideal protocols include:

°CRYO Facial – a program promoting rejuvenation and elasticity, causing the skin to appear smoother, and bringing forth a youthful glow.

°CRYO Body – This program type can be used as a complementary treatment for pain management and recovery.