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The Whole Body Cryotherapy Chamber

Tried and tested by users in over 43 countries worldwide, °CRYO Arctic Performance delivers the best whole-body cryotherapy treatments available. °CRYO Arctic Performance a cryotherapy machine which is capable of offering 2-3 minutes treatments in a cryotherapy chamber with the option of either whole-body or partial body exposure. The heat exchange technology assures users never come into contact with nitrogen gases, only safe and breathable air. °CRYO Arctic Performance is the only whole-body cryotherapy device that accurately measures the temperatures inside the cryochamber to deliver optimum results at temperatures down to -140°C / -220°F. Buy a cryotherapy machine which will help your clients elevate mood and reduce stress.

Electric Whole Body Cryotherapy Chamber

The °CRYO Glacier Performance is the only single-person Electric Whole Body Cryotherapy Chamber which provides a treatment temperature as low as -140°C / -220°F. With outstanding features, it is the most advanced cryotherapy product available today. The °CRYO Glacier Performance delivers the safest and most effective cryotherapy treatments without the need for nitrogen supply. It is designed to be the perfect fit cryotherapy equipment for high-traffic locations.
Its undeniable features make it an innovative cryotherapy equipment that is unmatched in the history of cryoengineering. Our cryotherapy machines will be a smart solution for various institutions. Buy cryotherapy machine!

Thermal Shock Therapy

°CRYO Wave Performance offers a revolutionary solution designed for spa and wellness centers around the globe. Its noteworthy possibilities deliver highly effective body contouring and toning treatments. The non-invasive application of cold and heat to the surface of the skin using temperatures from 0°F to 113°F -18°C to 45°C to stimulate natural rejuvenation, wellness, and beauty benefits.

Localized Cryotherapy

Localized cryotherapy utilizes ultra-cold temperatures targeted at specific areas of the body for intervals of 5-10 minutes, to effectively deliver a number of recovery, beauty, and wellness benefits. Cutting-edge features such as skin temperature sensing, laser-guided treatment distance control, and nitrogen vapor flow control, position °CRYO Penguin Performance as the leader and most advanced localized cryotherapy device on the market. Our cryotherapy products portfolio will help you to deliver the newest solutions of cryotherapy treatment to face your client’s needs.