Treatments in the °CRYO Arctic are carried out at very low temperatures, so you must remember to dress properly. The cryotherapy outfit should include shorts, a short-sleeved top, socks, a protective face and nose mask, gloves, headband, and footwear with insulated soles.

Before the session, remove metal items such as watches and jewelry!


Proper clothing for your protection

The right cryotherapy outfit should reveal more than cover. Clothing is intended to protect only areas of the body at greatest risk of frostbite, such as hands, feet or auricles.

  • Wear a headband and preferably earmuffs.
  • Put a mask covering the mouth and nose to facilitate breathing at very low temperatures.
  • Women should wear shorts and tops, men wear shorts.
  • The entire outfit should be made of natural fibers that are best to protect against cold and do not crumble when exposed to low temperatures.
  • High socks made of wool or cotton will protect the popliteal bottom, which relatively often undergoes frostbite because it tends to increase sweating.
  • Footwear is very important because a thick sole of the shoes perfectly insulates the foot from the ground. This is important because the coldest air is at its lowest.

Important tips before any cryotherapy session

  • Clip long hair into a bun so that it doesn’t irritate your body.
  • Do not moisturize your body for 2 hours before the procedure. Do not lubricate your skin with cream or lotion. It is not recommended to take a bath or shower before the session.
  • Dry your body completely before entering a cryochamber to avoid frostbite. Be especially careful about the places where we sweat the most, i.e. under the arms, under the knees and under the bust.
  • Make sure your clothing is dry.

After the session in the cryochamber, take off the protective clothing and you can immediately start any physical activity. It will help to warm up your body after the procedure.
Remember that in cryotherapy, the right outfit is not a matter of fashion, but of safety and protection against frostbite.

Cryotherapy is the science of exposing the body to sub-zero temperatures of up to -140°C in order to stimulate multiple physical and mental health benefits.

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