Rhonda Patrick

Ph.D, Biomedical Science Expert in fields of Aging, Cancer & Nutrition

“Local Cryotherapy, in other words, cooling just the affected tissue, was shown to inhibit harmful collagenase activity on collagen, which is an enzyme that breaks down collagen, and it also decreased the production of inflammatory E2 series prostaglandins.”

Dr. Krzysztof Zimmer

Doctor of Medical Science Traumatic surgery and sports medicine expert

“Due to the excellent results obtained using treatment with the WBC, practice encompassed using this method in cosmetology. Studies showed that exposure to low temperature in Cryochambers leads to increased collagen production and influences the tranformation of different types of collagen fibers improving elasticity of skin and its connective tissue.”

Patrick Viroux

Founder and Chairman of ProCcare

“The decrease in blood HPC along with IL-6 decrease supports the thesis that the whole body cryotherapy reduces obesity-related low grade inflammation. Considering that iron deficiency is frequent in advanced stages of obesity possible due to high HPC concentration, whole body cryotherapy could be a good method to correct iron metabolism in those subjects.”