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We specialize in cold chain, vaccine & pharmaceutical logistics

Rethinking pharma cold-chain through innovation & technology


We offer solutions for the transport of goods that require ultra-cold facilities in a variety of form factors, from last mile , to half and full containers. These are designed to be moved by sea , air and land.


Our technology is designed for on-site storage facilities , and are easily stackable for high density requirements . All that is required from your location side is power and reasonable ventilation.

Tech & IP

We are very open to licensing our technology to strategic partners who want to take advantage of the ultra-cold market opportunity , we are actively seeking such relationships and are very flexible on terms.

CRYO Science is a global & vertically integrated ultra-cold technology plus service provider

Get your supply chain ready for the future of ultra-cold logistics

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We offer a wide variety of form factors for various transport and storage modalities.

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With offices and manufacturing in the United States, Europe and the Middle East and hundreds retail locations worldwide, ┬░CRYO Science is your global solutions provider for your cryogenic needs.

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